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Thereís two things I hate about British dance music. First of all, itís faceless. Itís by and large a bunch of guys who want to make music and make records but donít want people to see their face. Nobody except sad funny-looking little gits anyway. But they donít want people to see their face, itís all about being faceless and cool and underground and that really just doesnít have a lot of relevance to me, I donít really feel like that. I mean, my interests lie in pop music, my interests lie in people looking and seeing what I look like on stage and that kind of thing. So thatís one thing I hate about the British music scene. Now, to combat that, Iíve dyed my hair red and put a picture of myself on my album cover, so itís pretty obvious where Iím headed with that.
And the second thing I hate was with British live dance music shows, theyíre all shit. Theyíre still equating to a guy standing on stage with a mixing disk and a keyboard, pressing a few buttons and twiddling a few knobs, and smoking a cigarette and waving his hand in the air. That isnít really a show, you may as well put the CD on loud. So to me a live performance should be just that, it should be a performance.
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