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I have been singing since I was two years old, my parents tell me, and started to write songs when I was fifteen. Eventually, my friends and my parents knew that this was something I liked to do. They also knew I had a dream of making my own album. They have always been encouraging me to do something about it, and so I did. So I went to a local radio station in Tromsų, and there I got to record a couple of songs.

There has been a whole lot. Just to combine a musical career with the last year on high school was enough as it is. I didn't think it should fare as well as it did, but apparently it did.

We'll see...we'll have to wait with that. I have written the songs already, but I need some time to get into the studio and be recording them. It takes a bit of time, it won't be released until at least the next year.

I'm trying not to think about that. This is my first album, and it's in no way certain that the next album will fare equally well. It's just so hard to tell, and I'd not be thinking about it that much. We'll see, I guess.

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