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Chat to the ghosts! That's what I do!

I got caught kissing my dad's ex-girlfriend - at his wedding!

I have a rude thought every three seconds!

I haven't been unfaithful, well only when I was younger!

I haven't shaved my private parts, but I dyed them once for a laugh! They looked more ginger, though!

I still have imaginary friends who I talk to in my head.

I think about dying a lot, every time I fall asleep on a train or a plane I expect to wake up to a crash!

I try not to sleep with every girl I see, but it's hard!

I was brought up with psychics and tarot cards. My mum was always told I was going to be in a boy band and be famous as a singer.

I'd go out with Duncan if I was a girl.

I'd love some dirty fan mail! The ruder the better! Make sure you write that! My mum and Dunc's mum look after the fan club, so they probably check our letters!

I'd send Christina Aguilera to Mars cos she'd scare all the aliens!

I'm an expert at kissing girls necks, they love it. Girls say I'm quite sensitive, but I'm hyperactive too.

I'm eccentric, what else? I don't know, I've got two people telling me what to say.

I'm very romantic and very soppy, but sometimes I wish I wasn't!

If I fancy a girl, I'll tell her. I'll say: 'You're fit.'

My perfect girl would be pretty mad, but one you can have a conversation with. No one can be too mad for me, the madder the better. I love a crazy chick!

There is something really mysterious about lions. They could rip you apart if they wanted to, but at the same time they look so cuddly. Can you imagine what humans look like to animals? They must think we're so weird.

To be honest everything goes over my head a bit.

We know there's no use in getting miserable, so we go out on the town instead!

What happens was, I was a baby and I was crawling along and she closed the garage door on me. That's why I'm a bit skitz!

When you go to clubs in London there are loads of good-looking blokes, and I feel like a bit of a minger.

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