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Layzie Bone Quotes

"Becuz we thugs don't mean we don't pray. Just becuz we pray don't mean we ain't thugs."

"...For the struggles I'm going through lately, Breaks me down, Set me free. Let me be, let me be Who else do I have to rely on? Whose shoulder can a thug go cry on? Can't forget my Bible..."

"any nigga that be thinkin they bout it wanna talk about it do sum 'bout it Dem Cleveland boyz git wildy. Can't @#$%& with me, now you know im ready to die for bone thugs n harmony"

"...see what im sayin, y'all got jokes...(no...not at all) see ima tell you something whatz real 'bout Layzie Bone. Lyfe's too short too be play'n games, y'undastand? (Right) Lyfe's way too short, man. (Exactly) nah mean? Dont ever put no seperation line between me and my family, that aint tyte. Y'all keep it tyte with yall family, respect your mother thy father just like tha Bible tells you thats how we gon' put it down, y'nah mean? We roll like that. Pleezbelievit Im gone."

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