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You know, the music we did just came natural to us. Even though we were raised in a small country church, the kind of music we did just came natural to us because we liked the Four Freshmen, the Lettermen, and groups like that, and we kind of patterned our singing after them. Even though we were singing music that was different than the Statesmen and Blackwoods, we still loved standing backstage and just listen to them sing. They thrilled us…but the funny thing about it is, when we would sing, people would get up and go to the restroom or take a break, but what kept us going were the singers. They were our audience and they would gather backstage and listen to us, and that was thrilling for us and it was such a big encouragement to us.
Lari Goss

Southern Gospel has become so categorized over years and I’ve seen it go from strictly Southern Gospel back in the quartet days, to where we have Southern, Country, Inspirational, Black Gospel and now we have this new brand called American Gospel Music, which encompasses such groups like Greater Vision and the Hoppers, which is kind of a merge between Southern Gospel and Church Music. Another change is we have more people using soundtracks now…
Lari Goss

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