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Kyle Norman Quotes

Were always working! We feel like God blessed us with the opportunity to do music so thatís what we really do, day in/day out. Were ready for the next album already, cus we just constantly workiní. Were blessed to have the job that we have and were blessed to have the fans that we have.

We just talk about being in different situations, thatís the good thing about ĎLetís Get Marriedí, we just keep real.

The thing about ideas is we write about things based on reality, things that we go through. We just keep it real because with reality, you can always go back and put a song on that can take you to some good times.

Influence? Our musical influence is Gospel/Hip-Hop, but itís like the real Gospel & the real Hip-Hop. We just really enjoy what we do because it defines our style. Itís kinda Gospily but yet itís street, so itís kinda intricate.

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