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Man, I was 7,8 years old. Servin em. I was a kid, and as I got older I developed. My cousin Skippy G, which is Jerome, basically groomed me for the mic. Rakim was the main person who I looked at, who I balanced my raps behind until I got my own style.

I was 15 years old, going on 16. I moved out here, I think I had just turned 16 when I moved out here. I moved to Hawthorne, my pop used to live in Compton, I used to visit him. I went to school there to Serra first, then Lousinger. We used to serve the Hawthrone High *****s, huh LT? No disrespect to the Hawthorne High *****s, we love yall to death, we used to serve em back in my day. I graduated back in 89. It was crackin! I made my name in LA by just cuttin peoples heads off..I used to own malls. Huh Mayhem? Mayhem was there. I used to own malls. Come to the Hawthorne mall, Hawthorne six, and you could rap. Everybody in the mall would tell you, oh you can rap? You gotta see Kurupt. He's vicious. Then off with his head! Just that fast.

Man it was crackin. Convicts was up at Death Row. 3-2 and Big Mike. They was up at Death Row from Texas. It was the bomb time. I was a kid, I was havin a ball. All we knew was gang bangin. I was into the rhymes. A bangin time. That's when we met Suge and everybody, everybody was new, fresh. It was kind of edgy, but everybody had love for each other. It was like a machine. We were vicious.

They didn't want Dogg Food to come out. Rage had the hottest single at the time, with Afro Puffs. Rage was in there working on her album and like four weeks went by, Rage didn't have her record done. Me and Daz was like, we got a record and we played it for Suge. Snoop and Dr. Dre was like, nah, we not going to Dogg Pound right now. We played it for Suge and Suge was like, man we rollin with the Dogg Pound, this is what we gonna do. Then that's how it came about. Everybody was hungry, everybody was trying to make it. Rage was cuttin peoples heads off so frequently. Man, it was crackin! It was a good time. That's before I found out Daz was a *****!

It was nothing. The man approached me with a great business proposition. I rolled with it. I felt like if my homeboys was really my friends, it don't matter what business move I make they gonna roll with me regardless. I'm not gonna be forced into doing anything I don't want to do anyway. So I did it with Daz, I expected the same at the time.

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