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Kurtis Blow Quotes

Well I said at 13 that I was gonna be a Dj at WWRL and be just like Gary Bird and get into radio . In 1974 I graduated from junior high and in 75 Ienrolled in the High School of music and art . That was the year that Larry Green introduced me to Kool Herc . Well I was always a hustler...I ran numbers ; I wasnt a stick up kid , but I was a fence for them . I used to sell weed ; and was kicked out of Music and Art for that . Actually the dean said that I had poor attendence , thats all that he could stick me with because he could not prove that I was selling weed . I was like Al Capone & he was like Elliot Ness ; getting me on a technicality . I was then sent to Grandites High , where I got caught selling angel dust . I was always an A student so instead of getting kicked out , the dean said that I wasnt being challenged enough , that I was getting bored - so I had to take this test to see if i qualified to get skipped to college . I passed and was sent to City College . Thats where I hooked up with this short light skinned cat that I had seen years before when I used to hit this club called Nell Glenns with my fake Id . This guy could do the Brookyln Hustle real good...there was the regular Hustle but the Brooklyn Hustle was a lot more complicated . This guy was doin it real good . Any way this guys name was Russell Simmons . We started promoting parties as " Force College Disco ".
Kurtis Blow

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