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Iím writing the 3rd record right now, and the influences are completely different than the two previous records. Before I was influenced a lot by Dashboard Confessional, Mae , harder bands like Blindside. There was more of an overall rock feel. Now Iím in the process of a new sound, influenced by bands like Shiny Toy Guns--- more dance/rock type stuff.
Krystal Meyers 

I have a really supportive family. It probably all boils down to having them, and being able to rely on God to take it into His hands and trust that everythingís gonna be okay. Especially since I was signed at 16, and I started touring at that age. If my mom wasnít able to do that with me, I wouldnít have been able to tour or make a record at all. She knew I wanted to do this, and itís what I was cut out for, but I donít think any of us realized it was gonna happen at such a young age.
Krystal Meyers 

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