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Krayzie Bone Quotes

"We the people got the power; let's ride. . . . I get violent. . . . God is passionate and hears the cries of the needy; devils is greedy. . . . wanted to beat you and mistreat you. . . . could never be equal. . . . black women and black men, it's not too late to repent your sin. . . . AK-47. . . . I got the power that can take over the world. . . . into this army suit. . . . we got a million thugs. . . . I'm ready to . . . pump and dump the enemies";

"...We've got to struggle through all them hard times, I've got to tell you 'Peace and happiness is hard to find' We can get there, And I'm not trying to make excuses and reasons, but these demons got me seeing things that're really misleading me But maybe that's just my life/ Maybe I'm justa thug, cold-hearted, but I can feel the love Just keep faith and don't break it, Shake all them fakers and haters that makes me think I'm not
gon' make it, I say, "Yeah, uh-huh...You gotsto believe it...!"

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