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Well we both from Long Beach i've known him for awhile now. Just before now we havent found anything that was right for both of us to be on.
(about Snoop Dogg)

Well, the day Confidential brought me to dre. They wanted to sign me. It was because of morality and loyalty first thing that brought me there. Because, I knew he was trying to do a record label. Then LA Confidential. They wanted to sign me. I aint lyin about it or nothin. Cuz, one thing you do is you don't burn bridges in life burnin bridges, you don't like that.

Livin', I guess 5 years that's far. What I gotta do is barry bonds this album along with The Way I Am Would love the fact that all (that I was even able to move the factor on ) of doing Legends of West Coast Rappin. The thing I got left to do now is do get things together.

Alot of people do alot of mix tapes and other stuff, I'm doin that too, but I want (to get that) visual crowd yanno what I mean?

"If it gets bootlegged this time, I know that it comes from Elektra (his record label) because I don't even have a copy of this album."

"I'm not going to go around and tell the whole world that I don't like you because something might happen and then I'll end up in jail anyway because I already said I don't like you."

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