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“And you know, ... it is pretty much a rallying cry for everything we do. I mean, we may turn those guitars up -- and play hard and loud -- but in the end, we're all about taking country music and setting it on stun. That's what we do, and that's what this song is about.”

“I knew doing a rap-country song like 'Whiskey Do My Talkin'' was a good move, ... It totally opened the urban side of honky tonk up to us, not to mention there being plenty of good old fashioned amped up country on this one.”

“If there were pieces last time, this is more complete. That’s as much about the roots and the word ‘real.’ We’re playing our hand with our cards showing. Musically, we knew what we were after, so we did this raw… just got out there and played. Or as I was telling someone the other day: the hot rod is still running real fast. It’s not about being all polished up, so much as it is going to the line knowing you gotta great car.”

“As an entertainer, I have to connect… Whether it was a beer joint or a stadium, I’ve always wanted to be part of the crowd. After all, you make this music to play for people, whether it’s on the radio or at a concert. You wanna sweep’em up and take’em away – and I don’t think anyone has a chance with these songs.”

“People work a long, hard-working week, and they wanna get away from all that stuff, too. They want to shout, clap and let it go!

“Our business is based in Nashville, and it always will be, but New York City is still our No. 1 or No. 2 market. There's an amazing history of country music here; most people just don't realize. Garth (Brooks) is still the biggest concert that was ever in (Central) Park.”

You tell’em the truth, you let’em cry – and then you make’em forget it. I think this time, we got it all done.”

“We are competing against ourselves. There's 28 million people who have Brooks & Dunn CDs ... The challenge is to come up with Brooks & Dunn music that's not something they've got already. That's what we are really up against.”

“That's just a part of your soul. I couldn't be complacent about that no matter how much I wanted to. Sometimes thinking I have to write songs for an album feels like I have to study for an exam. Then as soon as I start writing I remember how much I love the process. We both do.”

“We were influenced by classic country acts like Merle Haggard and George Jones and Hank Williams but also by Clapton and the Stones and all the rock acts like that. I mean, what guitar player didn't start out with 'Satisfaction'?”

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