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Kings of Leon Quotes

“We sound like stuff that comes from way before our time because that’s where most of our influences come from,”
Jared Followill

“When we grew up, our Dad was a preacher,”
Jared Followill

“He was an evangelist and he’d travel all over America doing revivals and stuff. So that’s how we grew up: in the car going to all kinds of different churches. Back then it was awesome and I can totally see why people are interested in it now, because now that we’re not doing it, it seems pretty weird.”
Jared Followill

“Everybody played music and sang songs. It was real close, like a family. So you just got up there and had fun,”
Jared Followill

“The kind of churches we played in, it wasn’t about how good you could play your instrument, it was about how much you enjoyed playing your instrument.”
Nathan Followill

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