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Brandon: We just love music. I think this is what we would all want to do. I think it's one of those things that is like now we've tasted it we would all be miserable if we weren't doing it.

Mark: It's chaotic, I would say! I don't think you can talk about fate until you've done something really important.

Ronnie: When I first met Mark, that's what he said. That's what he said - 'Do you believe in fate?' And I said, 'Yes, Sir' (they all laugh).

Ronnie: If I wasn't doing music, I wouldn't be happy. At all.

Dave: In terms of how our playing is? Then no, we've definitely got a lot of improving to do. We've gotten a lot better in the last year since we started touring. Just getting the show a little more exciting to watch.

Dave: Not to the extent of having tonnes of pyrotecnics or anything, but you just want to live, like you want to be there. Like some bands

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