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Killah Priest Quotes

I get total creative control when I'm in the studio now to do what I want to do. If I feel like doing a song I'll do a song. The buzz has been great, in fact a lot of people hit me up now, they're seein me on hiphopgame.com with the journal and I'm just telling people my ideas. All I want to do is make good music at the end of the day.
Killah Priest

I never try to be religious. I never try to be any type of religious cat. Spiritual, yes, but religion, when you get into that you get into a category where you lock yourself in and people look at you a certain way and then they become that way. Nah, I'm still an MC, I'm an MC first. People try to figure out my origin, at the end of the day it's just clever songs.
Killah Priest

(I'm an) MC's MC. They always like yo Priest man I just heard your shit man and it inspired me, in some form or way. One of the biggest was when Kool G Rap told me ‘man you're nice.' I mean coming from him, that was just nuts!
Killah Priest

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