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"When all else fails, you just gotta grab it with your fingers."
"You have to be really patient to work with us 'cause sometimes some of our attentions spans can kinda wander...."
"There were two other members that didn't work out and I replaced them. Then we needed another member. Brian's my cousin...and I called him up and he came down to Florida...and he auditioned." "I'm working on one right now. I've been working on it for a month or so."
"It looks like your thing. You know....your thing. Yeah..your THING!"
"Canadians have those cute little accents, eh?"
"I'm sort of shy when it comes to making a first move. I like to become friends first so I can tell if they're gonna be interested in me."
"I can't wait to go to Egypt and see the pyramids someday. That stuff interests me so much. That's why I'm always watching the Discovery Channel."
"I cry in movie theatres all the time. I get that from my grandfather. We're a really sentimental family. Brian is like that as well. When we got our first gold record we bawled like babies!"
"The fellas probably think I'm the hardest or the roughest or the meanest, but I'll cry at the drop of a hat sometimes."

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