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Kevin Federline Quotes

“Britney hopes the gentleman is OK.”

“I told her that it's not right for the woman to ask the man. The man's supposed to get on one knee and do it right. It took me about five minutes, and then I turned around and asked her.”

“If it's your child, it's different. You don't care about those things. It's so minor. You become a parent and nothing else really matters.”

“I think people need to get to know me a little bit more, and that way when we do something, people will respect it that much more.”

“I've been to Marquee in New York. And this is the upscale of the Marquee in New York.”

“I'm not too worried about any of that. Eventually the music will speak for itself. You're only going to look at me like this for so long.”

“I love my kids, I'm a proud father, a happy husband, and all of that. I live my life with my wife as a normal person, and that's that.”

“The record is everywhere. It's definitely going to be kind of a dance club record.”

“The inspiration and meaning behind the title 'Playing With Fire' is self explanatory. I'm excited about this album and am looking forward to continuing my promotional club tour in support of it and seeing the first-hand reaction of my fans listening to my songs for the first time. My album is sure to set the dance floors across the world on fire!”

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