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Kelly Rowland Quotes

“I love a guy that can be emotional and get in touch with his feminine side. It's really sweet. It says a lot about a man to me.”

“I'm just steadily building myself up as Kelly Rowland, not just Kelly Rowland of Destiny's Child, which is a blessing to be able to do that.”

“For right now, it really is the end, ... Hopefully in 10 years we'll all be married and have babies.”

“Right now, this is definitely the final tour and the final album. We have made a decision, ... And, maybe, we might wake up 10 years from now and we might want to do an album. Or we might wake up three years or five years from now and say, 'Y'all feel like doing another album?' What people don't realize is that we are still only 24 or 25 years old.”

“I feel like, if it's supposed to happen, then it'll happen. God will send me somebody special, whenever the timing is right, so I'm just patient.”

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