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Labels are limited to any vision, honestly. But I just do the music that I like, whether it be dance or hip-hop or whatever, it doesn't matter.

“On her new clothing range: "It takes new s**t and ass-old s**t and makes it even newer s**t."”

Well, some of the people I knew I had wanted to work with, and then a lot of the people that I worked with... it just sort of fell into place. They were all really talented producers and I thought we could do something really great here with them.

With everything else, with the overtone of the music and everything, when it's yours and you have control over what it is you want and what you like. Then from there it's got to be what feels good and it has a taste on its own, it is its own thing.

I did my own remix because there was a lot of stuff to work with, there were a lot of remixes that were currently done by the artist, you know.

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