Keith Peter Thomas John Duffy Quotes

I have to say I'm the happiest bloke in the world about being a father. It's the most scary thing and it's the most brilliant thing in the world. It's just amazing .

Yep,Iam near-sighted, so I've been wearing glasses.But when I drink I can see perfectly.Everything double,perfect!

I think I'm a pretty good judge of character, so all me frIends are very good mates. In this business,it can be very hard to meet good people while we're working . Most of the friends I have are long time friends,people from outside the business.

Underneath I am a big softie.I'd do anything for anybody, and I'd probably be the first of the boyz to burst into tears when I'm upset. People think I'm hard and a loudmouth, but I am not like that at all.I'm actually really shy.

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