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Keith Anderson Quotes

“[Many of those early relationships remain strong: Anderson's debut disc was co-produced by hit songwriter Jeffrey Steele and John Rich of Big & Rich.] I've been writing and working with Jeff and John for five years or more, so it was very natural in the studio, ... I think the whole creative process was different because we all ... know what works for us vocally and musically on stage as well as in the studio. I don't care how great the recording is, if you can't reproduce the sound and energy on stage it's a worthless cause.”

“It could be the make-or-break of getting that job. Obviously, your appearance matters. It helps with your self-esteem. You definitely, definitely want to put your best foot forward.”

“They're a great group of guys. They have a real exciting show, fun, high-energy.”

“If that's true and the rate stays like that for another 40 years, there's a good probability that somebody who is active in the credit economy for that period of time might be a victim. But that's not a given.”

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