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"I knew that my fans were going to still really, really vote hard for me that week, but I really thought I was going home. I was preparing myself, even though the look on my face was like oh my God, Iím so sick, I donít want to go. It was like I didnít want to go. But yes, it was hard. After the fact, when the show was over and Chris was going home, it was just as hard for me because I kind of felt that like, 'Oh, poor Chris.' Like he should have been the one to stay.

"I think thatís actually ridiculous to say. I donít know, too confident, what people donít realize is that what they see on TV is all they see. I have never, for once, ever gone, 'Oh, Iím going to win this thing.'

"You know I donít have any gimmicks really. I donít have any silly things that I say; I donít know, I guess Iím just going to have a really hot dress and a nice pair of shoes and just go out there and look fabulous and try to sing my best.

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