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I live in Sydney now. I came here for the show and never went home – I do like it, it’s a big change… it’s a big city, it’s very fast.

It has been a whirlwind really, it all happened so quickly! I auditioned for Australian Idol for the 3rd time… to see where I was and if I had improved with my singing; and the next thing I knew in the final 12 and it went nuts from there – I walked straight off stage at the finals into a press conference and didn’t have a days rest ‘till New Years Day.

I remember where I come from. I just see myself as someone who gets up and does what she loves every day – I’m not better or worse than anybody.

I think it has a vibe because we’re all so different and individual… so it’s fantastic when we come together as a group. Then at the same time we’re all coming from the same place – Idol. We all went from nothing to something in two months… so we understand each other.

You know what we pride ourselves on that – although I wouldn’t mind if my backside was a little smaller. But look at the original divas… take Aretha Franklin for example - I’ve seen her live in the States and she was mammoth, but she had that crowd under control and they doted on every movement she made! We’re not little midgets but the music industry is not about that, it’s about loving the music and respecting what you do.

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