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Well I would say that my biggest influence, to tell you the truth is the mcs from the garage scene that I came up listening to as well, like Heartless Crew and all of them, Pay as you Go, D double E. Outside of that I would say a lot of reggae, my parents are from there so I used to listen to that. Hip hop as well just everything really- little bits of rock music as well. just everything!

Iím talking about all the mcís and producers who are part of the scene. I think thereís a lot of talented people around and all these producers they donít make only one type of sound. They could make all sorts and all these mcs itís not like they can only spit on one type of beat I think theyíre talented enough to jump on whatever and just experiment and do whatever we feel. I donít think you can just label us one thing.

ďÖI wanna be remembered just for my good lyrics being smart and being creative and hopefully for just being a leader and not a followerÖĒ

My albums coming out Iíve got a mix tape that Iíve been working at thatís just been finished so Iím gonna be pushing that on the underground. Maybe a couple more videos coming out, and a tour- thatís what I really want just my own tour, after the albums out, I just wanna do a tour over the country.

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