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I used to write songs that mimicked other songs that I would hear as a kid, cos I was 12 years old when I was writing those, right. And you hear a radio so all Iíd write about was [sings] ďhey girl, look at youĒ, you know what I mean. I think that even doing that made it easier for me to write non-personal songs because, from a kid, I never wrote personal songs, they were always like mimicking. And now Iím just trying to understand my writing and where itís coming from.
Justin Nozuka 

I think that watching artists, soulful artists, they get into it. Itís always the way I perform, so when Iím on stage I just try to get into it Ė Iím in my own world. Thatís the whole thing about the stage, itís like a sacred place. Theyíre [the audience] watching into the different world, right, so itís like you see performers and theyíre in the same room, so itís a different vibe. Sometimes itís great, but I try to separate it, you know, I wanna separate it Ďcos otherwise I feel naked. It just feels natural.
Justin Nozuka

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