Joseph Simmons (Reverend Run) Quotes

Yeah, we were the first to do it with “Rock Box,” and then we made “King of Rock,” and finally “Walk This Way” was the biggest.
(about mixing Rock and Rap)

Uh, it’s just intentional to make what I make, to do what I do, to do what I’m put on this earth to do. So it was a very simple process because I just did...me. I was inspired by me, and that whole Run-DMC type of Rick Rubin-ish, Russell Simmons, Larry Smith era, where we made these types of records, and I just went there and camped out there and made records from that day.

They didn’t expect me to go this route. No side artists, no great new expensive producer. Made it in about a month. Well, ten days, but I had to mix it over the next month or so. It was very easy and very convincing to L.A. Reid and others that were, like, “Wow, what is this?”

Lyor Cohen was, at that time, the president of DefJam; he said, “I got this young kid, he’s pretty good. I believe he’s gonna be the next thing.” I took him, grabbed him, and didn’t let him go. We had great chemistry together and it worked out beautifully.

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