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"Everyone tells me I look like Lindsay Lohan - I swear, I don't see a resemblance!"
"I am terrified of bugs! I mean, really, it's painful: I'm even scared of butterflies and ants... I'm a sissy!"
"I can't even hate on her - I love Hilary Duff's album."
"I lied to my mom about talking my vitamins when I was younger. I used to hide them under the cushions in the couch."
"I talk about things that are real to teenagers, and to people in general, It reaches a broad audience and that's important."
"I'm not Britney mark two. It's unfair that people compare us. I guess we are both young artists but we're totally different."
"I'm not trying to be like the cleanest person who's, like, never gonna show her stomach or anything, but I think I'm real for real girls"
"One time, a guy asked for my number when I was at the movies with my friends. I know it's wrong, but a gave him a number for this thing called the rejection hotline! "

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