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John Reuben Quotes

I am a firm believer that you work as hard as you can, you're diligent, and God's gonna do with it what He wants to do with it. Whether it's big or little, it's still going to do what it needs to do and get into the hands it needs to get into.

The idea of The Boy Vs. The Cynic is the tension between the wide-eyed optimism in youthfulness where you think nothing can go wrong, "I've got the world ahead of me. I'm gonna be a go-getter."

I'm a perfectionist and I can kill songs because I analyze them too much. For me it takes awhile because I like to do it and then step back and listen and observe.

I'm pretty impressed with the talent on our label and I'm very thankful to be signed to a company that supports honesty and creativity.

We have had some great shows this summer, the Jammin Against the Darkness event was pretty incredible and it was good to see everyone at the festivals. Today we head to South Dakota for the start of the tour with Falling Up, The Wedding and Mainstay.

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