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A lot of what we do is we bring a sample in and I'll play on top of the sample to bring a freshness to it and I'll sing on it and we'll make it hot together.

But in my mind I've always been a solo artist- I've just been working with a lot of great people like Kanye and Alicia Keys and Jay-Z.

For me I'm actually doing what I normally do when I do my solo thing and the other thing is actually more new to me.
John Legend

I don't think Get Lifted has necessarily expanded the genre.

I feel like spirituality definitely comes through in my music, but I don't make any specific efforts to make it that way.

I have a great band, with very talented players, and we give everything we have every night.

I think people relate to the music because I have a sense of empathy, and I think I have a good understanding about relationships, and I talk about them in a real, honest way.

I hear melodies and hooks all day. I've always been that way, since I was a kid.

I never felt intimidated, I was just happy to contribute and make great records for them. Now its my turn to make great records for myself.

I was in an a cappella group in school, so it particularly helped me keep my piano chops up.

I was the front man of the choir and then when I was 12 and I was the leadsinger of my highschool groups.

I only want to be associated with music that is high quality. That's my main criteria.

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