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“I'm looking at the head of the household, and the house hasn't been run properly for a long time, ... Clinton was the first person ever to make a formal apology to black people for slavery, which was very warm and appreciated. But African-Americans haven't healed at all . The wound is still very open. And seeing the differences in how people live, it just puts salt in it- constantly . Seeing the way we're treated within these United States ... it burns you even more every day.”

“First, it was shock, ... Then depression, and then anger. There were newscasters saying, ‘You've got to get out of here, everybody has to go now,' but nobody thought about the people who didn't have cars. And nobody came to help. Nobody brought food ... the system broke apart.”

“God is ever present. He's in every breath, in every step. He's here, always, always.”

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