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I came up in the hood with a close family who supported everything that we did. Competitive brothers and sisters always competing in everything to see who is the best at what. I mean we just did two things we boxed and did music. I started off boxing and I got humbled to doing music. It was kind of rough but the fact that we had a close family, my brothers and sisters were my friends.

Actually, that was a song we did a long time ago with my dog Lil Mont and actually I was the little kid on their singing that, "Do your chain hang low," I was singing that. I always thought that was a hit song. As of today I kept telling my brother like "I need ya'll to remake that song," so one day they remade that beat and it was so sick I couldn't resist it and then I thought about putting my little sister and brother on there so I put them on there, wrote some new verses, wrote a new pre-hook, and kept the hook chain hang low and that's where it is.

I plan to have a long term career with movies everything the whole nine clothes, clothing lines, endorsements, commercials, everything. I'll take it all.

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