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My father played trombone and my mother played piano. I also have two older brothers who played brass instruments, so there was music around the house all the time. I began playing trumpet at a very early age, and studied to be a professional musician. then when I was with Seawind, we moved to Los Angeles, where we played every Tuesday for a couple years at the Baked Potato. Soon after that Quincy Jones heard about the horn section and called us in on one of his recordings. From that point on Quincy was responsible for my being an arranger. he gave me the freedom to try anything and taught me what did and didnít work, and how I could improve on what I had done.
Jerry Hey

The most challenging was to make sure that I got the essence of the arrangements, along with all the nuances that were written, and conveyed that to the band. tempos, ritards, dynamics all were regarded with the utmost care in order to bring out all the great moments of each arrangement. 
Jerry Hey

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