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Jennifer Hudson Quotes

“With the growth we're experiencing, we're getting to the point where new homes are starting to push $300,000. That can make it tough for someone just getting out of college, a young professional or a young couple to afford a home. We think this will be a good alternative.”
Jennifer Hudson

My faith in God is everything at this point. Also, my family and friends that I’ve had around me pretty much my whole life and my boyfriend, we’ve been together for eight years. I try to keep people around me who’ve been around me, who’ve seen me struggle. They know how dedicated I am and how hard I’ve worked. They know me - not the Jennifer from American Idol and Dreamgirls, but the real Jennifer. 
Jennifer Hudson

Oh, my God. Thank you so much. Wow. I have always dreamed but never, ever this big. This goes far beyond anything I could ever have imagined. 
Jennifer Hudson (at 2007 Golden Globes)

I was brought up singing gospel, and I really enjoy getting the church up on their feet, their hips swaying, their hands clapping, it's a great feeling to evoke that energy for the Lord.
Jennifer Hudson

People are all the time asking me if I hated Simon for mentioning my weight, and I really do not. I am proud of who I am, that is why I auditioned for the show, because I thought that I had something to bring to the table. Now, as for my favorite...that would be Randy, of course, he took a chance on me.
Jennifer Hudson

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