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Javine Hylton Quotes

'It's so exciting! I'm doing a new kind of sound which is a lot cooler than what I was doing before.'
(on her new album (August 2005))

Innocent, my record label works with a lot of their artists and they had the whole idea worked out before I even got there. Then we just wrote the song together.

They're family orientated guys and they don't come over here much. They just live in Norway and get on with their work. I don't think they even know about all the commercial side of things - they just make their music. They've worked with Mis-teeq, Ms Dynamite, Blue and Atomic Kitten on the pop side of things but they've also done harder stuff with people like Brandy.
(about her record label)

Now I am - but obviously at the time I was like 'Oh my God I'm not in the band' I was really upset about it. But now, I can see that probably it was the right thing, especially the kind of music they're doing. I was bought up listening to reggae and soul. I think it's great for them but I just think I would look wrong doing it. I wouldn't be doing it and enjoying it - it would be very half hearted.

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