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"Purple Rain" was a really good song for me.

I didn't have any backup plan! I did landscaping to keep gas in my car so I could go from audition to audition. It's a trip to go from landscaping one day to having fans the next.

It's funny; when we first came out, people only compared us to Boyz II Men. We were a vocal band. Now, all of a sudden we're a boy band -- and we really don't like to be called a boy band, because we're not. Some of those groups are actually really good, but the thing is, we're not an image-driven band. The songs and the music come first for us, because we pour every emotional part of our body into every song we sing. We're not concerned about looking good while we sing. Hopefully, we'll be dressed nicely, of course -- but we don't mind making all the ugly faces to get our point across.

I love Prince. I would love to do a Prince cover, but since I'm such a big Prince fan, I think it would be very hard to do a Prince song and have it even halfway as good as the original.

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