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It’s always amused me when people call musicians ‘artists.’ It’s like “Well, I didn’t bring my paint brush….oh Okay, THAT…Okay” But no, actually I’m what you’d call a graphic artist, and the only reason I’m even capable of doing that is because of using computers and programs like Photoshop, and I actually spent a while doing work on the side.

Okay, the short side of the story is, I met Zakk initially at a promotional party for Ozzy Osbourne. I think Ozzy had sold a million records of ‘No Rest for the Wicked’ so he had a party/bash in Manhattan. White Lion had already been on tour for a year, and our publicist called up and said “Come on down and spend some time with the Ozzy thing and shake some hands – and we were trying to get on the tour this year by the way.”

Well, because the truth of the matter is, I think Geffen was changing their structure and they lost interest in following through with where we were at. That’s the bottom line. That’s actually what happened.

That was great, it was the typical thing. Zakk was in there with virtually nothing at all (laughs) except a drummer and a producer and a bunch of guitars. He gave me a call, and I was thrilled to show up. I showed up and he just started strumming some songs in the studio. I sat in the room with him and ‘Heaven and Hell’ I think, was the first song we did. We sat there and that was knocked out, the rhythm part was knocked out in about an hour and a half. That was how we did a lot of stuff. That’s how Zakk does it. That’s how we did the Pride & Glory stuff and that’s how we do it to this day.

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