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Yeah, I won on The Apollo three times, and the third time I won I met Kaygee [former member of Naughty by Nature,] and he said I didn't have to go back no more. So I never went back.

I went out and I recorded a song in the studio, some Isley Brothers songs, recorded all their hit sides. I recorded a Luther Vandross cut messing with this group called YBG, and we went out, we recorded it. From there I just started shopping that, started getting a lot of breaks: Showtime at the Apollo, a lot of talent shows, opening up for a lot of groups out there, you know, and here I am now.

Ghetto is a beautiful thing. If you look at "Fabulous" the video, that's everything that's in the ghetto. A lot of those people didn't have homes, or didn't have none of the beautiful things that a lot of the people on tv have or that you see in those videos. But some people are content within and are willing to live within their means. I grew up on welfare and stuff like that, so I mean.. cause somebody might eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.. and then you talking, got a little milk in your hand or whatever.. then to say "that's ghetto." (laughs) But there is certain things that you love about that stuff.

This album right here Still Ghetto.. I was reading something in a magazine and they was saying that they don't like the word ghetto because when you first look at ghetto it's like something that you walk on.. I want to clean this up. What was they saying about this ghetto thing.. it wasn't good.

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