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Basically, the drummer at the time decided on it and we were like, ďWhatever! We just want to start playing shows!Ē Itís cool but we kinda got stuck with it. Itís whatever, I donít mind it. At the same time it, it would be cool to have a cool name. [Laughs]
Nick Brooks (about band name)

The way we write is just that we all come to practice and have ideas. What wound up happening we were kind of pressed for time so me & Mike just locked ourselves in his room for the last week before we had to go and record and wrote three songs in the matter of a couple of days. [Laughs] I donít know it was sort of sketchy because we ran out of time. The songs turned out pretty good, I think. I mean itís either me & Mike would write Ďem, me & Chris, or all of us or just Mike or just Chris.
Nick Brooks

I donít listen to that much heavy music. [Laughs] But of heavy bands, I like The Haunted. I like Killswitch; I listen to early 80ís rock and The Cure and Joy Division and stuff like that. Thatís what Iím into.
Nick Brooks

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