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I think when you leave a band in any situation that you are a part of.. I mean, when I was with It Bites I was a quarter of something, and when I was with Robert Plant I was a sixth of some- thing and when you leave you become the whole thing. So just after you spend time realizing what you are, and it just happened that I was doing that in my life as well as musically, it kind of happened at the same time. I was getting to a point in my life where I was beginning to realize who I am, and I like me. 
Francis Dunnery

I used to play the drums. When I was 11 I got my first professional job, I played drums in a cabary and played Elvis and stuff, I used to play left handed actually. Then I started to pick up the guitar when I was around 15, but I played the drums for a long time. 
Francis Dunnery

I haven´t written on piano since It Bites. You can tell my songs that I´ve written on piano with It Bites cause they all go like "wrooash", like Old Man And The Angel and Calling All The Heroes and songs like that. It all tends to happen very quickly, I get two thirds of the song within five minutes and then spend rest of the time trying to ruin it in my head, and then I go back to where I was from the beginning. 
Francis Dunnery

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