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I grew up in Salt Lake City. I was born in New Britain, Connecticut and lived there until I was about five years old and then we moved to Los Angeles actually and lived there about three years and when I was eight or nine years old we moved to Salt Lake City. My mother was born and raised in Salt Lake City in a very large Mormon family. She missed the family and my parents picked up and moved so she could be near the family. 
David LaFlamme

I went to Highland High School in Salt Lake City. Actually summers a bishop of our church was a general contractor. He actually built the high school I went to, which was about three blocks from our house and summers I used to work on the construction gang for him actually building the school I went to later on and graduated from.
David LaFlamme

I have quite a collection of 78ís. Mostly classical but I also do have some popular records.
David LaFlamme

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