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Progressive death metal. Progressive since we have clean vocals, shredding solos, and off time signatures. And death cause we got the death vocals too. So we’re a hybrid, half and half. We’re definitely not death metal and we’re definitely not progressive either. 
Tim Roth

Rob [guitars] and I will write riffs at home and kind of have a mock arrangement. Rob has a Protools system at home so then we take the riffs and throw them on there. Then when we get the rest of the guys into the country, like Adam’s from the US and our singer is from another city. So then we’ll show them the stuff and arrange it as a band. The initial ideas come from the guitar riffs. The lyrics are written completely separate. As soon as we have the music how we want it, we start humming melodies and then try to get the lyrics to go with the melodies. So the music is first and the lyrics are second. 
Tim Roth

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