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It all started as a kind of ”free form noise” group as I was attending the composing class at the Stockholm conservatory, I think it was in 1965. We had occasional gigs at small theaters, and also made music for choreographer Greta Lindholm. Some of us were playing in the first Swedish performance of Terry Riley's ”In C”, it had great impact. I was for several months a dogmatic minimalist! 
In the spring of 1967 I met Thomas Tidholm, writer and poet/singer/musician. We were soon talking about starting a rock group. ”Pärson Sound” already had a planned gig at the yearly Stockholm Jazz&Blues festival in July, we had some trouble in finding a drummer but ultimately managed to talk Thomas Mera Gartz into the thing, he was by then already an established musician. That was the start of Pärson Sound, the rock group. 
Bo Anders Persson

I was playing in another group called Mecki Mark Men which was exploring a ”rhythm'n' blues” kind of psychedelic music based on Hammond organ when two guys came and asked me if I could join them playing drums for a concert. 
Thomas Mera Gartz

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