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Well, we were all good friends throughout high school and partied together all the time. We would go see each others bands play at parties, or shows, but at this point it was more parties and rehearsals though. Eric, Adam and myself had previously played in a band called Damnation, covering various styles of metal, nothing really came of that. Greg Clark from King Valley was the other guitar player in that band. So, we split up, Greg went to hardcore punk. Then Eric, Sherman (Earthride/Spirit Caravan) and Myself formed a band called Judgment Hammer and started writing originals, in which “LSD (Low Shudder Doom)” and “Born Free (Die a Prisoner)” sprouted from.
Kelly Carmicheal

The DC music scene has been both active and influential for a long time, producing great talent of the Doom/Stoner thing, punk, metal and more. Aside from a few breakout bands and artists that hit the “jackpot”, it has never gotten the huge attention that places like LA and Seattle received. I think that fact alone kept the scene from getting watered down and kept the scene more tight knit with each generation passing down something I can’t quite put my finger on, but it makes for some damn good music.
J.D. Williams

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