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Insanity Reigns Supreme was formed in 1989, so we´ve been around for quite some time. In that period we released 2 demo´s, 2 tracks on samplers and 2 full CD´s. The first CD was in 1998 “...and Darkness Drowned the Land Divine” and the current one “Prophecy of Doom”. 
We´ve had our fair share of line-up changes and it doesn´t seem to stop. Recently Burt has left the band to concentrate on drumming again. In positive news however, Christophe, one of the founding members has returned to take on the bass duties after a hiatus of 5 years. It seems that we have come full circle again.
As far as the music is concerned it is a mix between Doom and Death metal. One of the best description was in a review, where it was said “Insanity Reigns Supreme has found the ideal mix between the funeral grimness of doom metal and the nihilistic patterns of death metal.”
Criz Jamers

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