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Yeah, it means lion (the word Arie). My mother called me that, but she didn't know what it meant. She just liked the sound of it. We later found out it means lion.

It makes we want to make more albums and tour. The nominations part... I used to go out of my way to be at every awards show, because people make it seem like it's such an important place to be. "You got nominated and you have to come." It is cool to be nominated, but it showed me that, in the future, whenever I do get nominated again, whatever, if my sister's having a child, I'm going to be there. Or if my brother's getting married or my brother needs me to come, I'm going to go there and not even feel sad at all about the fact that I couldn't make the ceremony. That's not what matters to me. It never was. It started to matter after a month of (imitates record-industry voice), "You're gonna get four; I think you're gonna get five; I think you're gonna get seven; I think you're gonna get one or two" and all that. Then it started to matter, but it doesn't matter! That's a valuable lesson. Sade told me that too. A lot of people told me that.

The last-minute slot was just politics. Politics is in everything. Sometimes you don't have control over politics, so seeing as how it was something I didn't have control over, I was just accepting of the fact. Okay, they gave me a slot. But I'm always ready to play. So I felt I represented myself well. If I had a week or days, it still would've been a very similar performance. So in that way, I feel like I represented myself well and the politics is something I can't worry about, 'cause what can I do? There's nothing that they have to make up for anyway, in my mind. That's just the way it's supposed to be.

I do experiment with lots of different genres. In making music, I don't think of genre like, "I want to do this, because I'm going use that country music sound; I'm going use that hip-hop sound; I'm going use that acoustic [sound]." It's just making music. So now that I've traveled a lot more since I did Acoustic Soul, I'm sure that different sounds will come into place, because I have been exposed to it and I like it. But it's not so much of a conscience effort. It's mind and spirited. You know, we're humans.

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