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Q: I'm from Australia and I wanted to know how big Incubus is in the states coz we haven't heard much about them?
Kilmore: They're big. Real big.
Dirk: We're Australian for "rock band."
Kilmore: I'm surprised you haven't heard of us because we're so big in the Philippines.
Brandon: They are so big the Rolling Stones open up for them. Haven't you heard?

Q: What was the coolest show you played at ozzfest?
Brandon: Ohio. Where the plane landed during our set.
Kilmore: There was a plane that landed right in the middle of one of our songs. The runway was right behind the stage. But it was lucky -- it sort of sounded like a sample. Everyone looked at me like, "what are you doing?"
Dirk: It distracted all five kids that were watching.

Q: How much do you guys like Adam Sandler because at a show in Coloumbia,MO brandon quoted "Billy Madison" alot?
Mike: We want to marry him.
Brandon: Adam Sandler has been a big influence on our band too.
Dirk: Yeah, him and cartoon porn pretty much shaped our first record.

Brandon: Put two and two together: Nice to Know you, Goodbye.
Mike: Yeah, Brandon's a mathematician.
On the meaning behind 'Nice to Know You', Rockline interview

“With the Roots there are just so many different elements it kind of, I don’t know, it’s definitely a serious musical challenge to play with them, I guess overall I’m more into rock than I’m into hip-hop. I’m 26 now, so it’s time to use what I have rather than try different things and I definitely have the ability to play rock music. I’ve never toured with a rock group, The Roots used to play with a lot of other hip-hop acts, but never with rock groups. It’s a different method of operation. Hip-hop dudes have a very predictable pattern of after-show activity and rock ‘n’ roll cats kind of thrive on the unpredictable.?
Meanstreet - 2002

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