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Because if you make the voice smaller then it makes the illusion that the issues that are being spoken about are smaller. If a famous rapper mentions a club or a type of car or a show, then people act as if that shit makes the product or the place better, if some round about mixtape nigga says it then fewer people really care. Now imagine this to the same scale as some global issue or some foreign policy that directly affects the hood, do you think that people who are in direct control of the media like large corporations would give their influence to some street nigga. Politics is a part of everything especially music, whether people rhyme about it or not.

Absolute power corrupts absolutely, why should someone give a @#$%& about the hungry and the homeless, especially when they don't have a value on human life. There is no motivation help except in some superficial way that doesn't really sacrifice anything. In the bible a rich man asked Christ for redemption and Yeshua told him to sell everything he had, and follow him. The man turned away unable to give up his earthly possessions. People have difficulty letting go of money even when they have more than they could ever run out of, it becomes an obsession. Remember, money is not the root of all evil, that's a mistake, it's to LOVE of money, the inanimate object, idolized by undeserving human emotion, that is what corrupts the soul.

I write the brother but I have not yet gone to see him, that is something I would like to undertake during the beginning of Jan. when I can really sit down and plan a productive visit out over there.

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