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Il Paese Dei Balocchi Quotes

In 1971 we were contacted by producer Adriano Fabi (father of the young and popular singer Niccolò). He produced our first and only LP, Il Paese dei Balocchi released by CBS Sugar from Milan. Our record was his first production, and with the collaboration of director Claudio Gizzi for the strings arrangements, we recorded our LP in just two weeks.
Fabio Fabiani

The group split in 1974, when keyboardist Armando Paone, just to earn his life, decided to go to the Persian Gulf as piano player in the hotels, giving a kick to the good luck of having a great producer, still a friend of us, like Adriano Fabi, and a record company behind us like CBS Sugar (CGD), that believed in us and wanted us to go on, .........it seems incredible but it went this way. 
Fabio Fabiani

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