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Yeah, for the most part. I know you're supposed to say Chinatown is your favorite movie of his but my favorite is Tequila Sunrise because I'm an '80s girl. I wanted to be treated like that by Mel Gibson in a whirlpool.

Yeah, there was. We did a lot of yucky research and Robert wanted it to be shocking for that split moment in the film that you see it. Every day we'd try diffeRent things. Sometimes it was makeup. Then we'd try sticking on these diffeRent prosthetics and these two guys are l molding them on my ass every day.

It's really changing these kids. They've come back stage, and I've had them in my dressing room, and it's really making them understand that they have to be who they are in this world. And not to sacrifice what makes them unique. And it's making them tolerant and it speaks about racism. I just really am proud of that and I hate that certain critics make light of Wicked. Because it can speak to kids, that doesn't mean it doesn't have depth.

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