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It Began in 1999 when Simon Break and I released Distant Early Warning which is an album about missile defence as you know, sponsored by the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation through an organisation called NATOarts. Um and that was an album on a label, Aesthetics, in Chicago. 
Alexander Perls

Our original idea was actually that the concert would be a mixture of a concert and a lecture because we worked with a professor of economics in London, a guy called Nedgely Harte. Who we worked with before because he helped us with some of our research and what we were going to do, we were going to have a combined ... combine electronic music with a lecture. There'd be large panels and he'd talk and it would be with music, the idea being then to educate with music, but we watered it down. It's screens and it's very visual but it's just us. We sort of want the idea that people can come along to the more educational aspects of this as and how they want, rather than just be forced to listen to lots of theory about capitalisation and so on.
Simon Break

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